Frequently Asked Questions


Professional resume writers like us draft your resume by studying your work profile, professional background, academic qualifications, work experience, target job roles, etc. along with analyzing the current job market situation. All the time we invest in analyzing and drafting your resume is to make sure that the right keywords are used and the resume is shortlisted through tough ATS scans and other shortlisting methods used by various recruiters. 

(Imagine you’re applying to a job opening where hundreds and thousands of candidates just like you are also applying, the chances of your resume getting shortlisted in this case will be negligible (even if you’re highly competent, because ATS cannot sense but only search for words) and that’s where resume writers help you by using the right keywords and content. 

To be honest, resume writers draft resumes and other relevant documents like LinkedIn profiles and cover letters to help you in clearing the first stage of your job application and in passing tough candidate selection filters. Once you get shortlisted, then the dice is in your hands.

All services are pre-paid to make sure our team is getting compensated for the efforts they put in.

We will make modifications as requested by you until and unless you’re satisfied. FREE of course..!!