Impact of Covid-19 on the global job market

All of our lives changed since March 2020, it was the onset of covid-19 in India and lockdowns were imposed nation-wide. Little did we know that it’d stretch for so long and we all will be packed at our homes. Needless to say, the job market has been impacted very badly for some industries and we could see boom in others: Aviation, Tourism, and Finance, etc. industries saw a downfall while Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Online Teaching, etc. industries saw good growth.

It is hard to predict that when the things would be normal again as the nature and behaviour of the virus has been unpredictable so far; well, let the Bio-Scientists do their research. As the jobs are growing in the virtual world, we should start preparing ourselves to shift towards the industry, by using our transferable job skills, which in long run would help us sustain in the uncertain job market.

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